At Thibodeaux Electric, service is an important part of our business. Our staff of technicians are trained in variety of fields and can repair a diverse range of electrical and mechanical products. For corporate customers, we can arrange pick-up and delivery of service items. We also can perform on-site service .

We offer a full range of repair services for a number of products, including:

  • Air conditioners
  • Grain bins
  • Water wells
  • PLC's
  • Generators
  • Pressure Washers
  • Power Tools

We pride ourselves in the sales and service of Gernertors through out Southern Louisiana. Our attention detail seperates us from our competion and give you the peace of mind that the job will be done right.


In electricity generation, an electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. The reverse conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is done by a motor; motors and generators have many similarities. A generator forces electrons in the windings to flow through the external electrical circuit. It is somewhat analogous to a water pump, which creates a flow of water but does not create the water inside. The source of mechanical energy may be a reciprocating or turbine steam engine, water falling through a turbine or waterwheel, an internal combustion engine, a wind turbine, a hand crank, compressed air or any other source of mechanical energy.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Air conditioning is the dehumidification of indoor air for thermal comfort. In a broader sense, the term can refer to any form of cooling, heating, ventilation, or disinfection that modifies the condition of air. An air conditioner (often referred to as AC or air con.) is an appliance, system, or machine designed to stabilise the air temperature and humidity within an area (used for cooling as well as heating depending on the air properties at a given time), typically using a refrigeration cycle but sometimes using evaporation, commonly for comfort cooling in buildings and motor vehicles.

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